Conversations w/ Good People: Dominic Ellett

Conversations w/ Good People: Dominic Ellett


Dominic Ellett is passionate about heritage and workwear, and clearly has an eye for curating some of the coolest brands and products around town. We sat down with the man behind Indigo & Provisions to chat about how things began for our favourite Arts Centre store and some essential pieces we should be picking up this Winter.

We love the slogan ‘Made for the modern gentleman and woman’ - what was the inspiration behind Indigo & Provisions?
I noticed that there weren't any stores in NZ specialising in the kinds of brands and styles that I liked. I knew heritage and workwear had a loyal global following so there would be people in NZ that wanted brands and products from that category. I basically was inspired to open the shop that I couldn't find here in NZ.

How do you go about choosing what brands and pieces to stock?
I look for brands that have a great back story, are committed to sustainability and make garments to a high standard of quality. If those boxes are ticked and I think the brand would work well in the NZ market I will approach them. I curate pieces from each brand that I personally love and think others will also appreciate.

What started your love affair with denim?
In 2016 I started working at Levi's in London and a colleague there had an amazing collection of vintage denim and boots and he opened me up to that world, the stories behind each piece and all the little details that most people wouldn't know about, I was hooked!

How would you describe your personal style?
A mix of workwear/ heritage style with a bit of vintage and streetwear thrown in. I'll play around with different styles!

2020 has taken a strange turn of events, what can we expect from Indigo & Provisions for the rest of the year?
I'm currently hunting out more local brands if I can find them and they match our aesthetic. It makes sense to support local and form a partnership with local brands. We just started stocking Out Of Comfort which is designed and manufactured in Christchurch and the range fits our store perfectly, Very stoked to have them on board.

Finally, what are some essential pieces we should be picking up this Winter?
Every winter wardrobe needs some good boots, good denim jeans and a heavy duty jacket. Our top picks for these items are Redwing Boots, 3Sixteen Jeans and the Ranch Jacket by Out Of Comfort.


Head over to the Indigo & Provisions website for a browse or find them at The Arts Centre Christchurch. 

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