A key pillar of Common Goods is about giving something back to the wider community and we aim to support a variety of causes that are working for the common good. We make sure 5% of each purchase (not just profit) is donated to a cause that we feel is making a big impact. Check back often as this list will keep growing as we do. 


ShelterBox provides emergency disaster relief to people made homeless by disaster and conflict around the world. They provide shelter, essential items and technical assistance to help some of the world’s most vulnerable people recover and rebuild their homes. 

Currently, ShelterBox is responding to the crisis in Gaza and set to support thousands of people who have been displaced with emergency shelter aid and other essential items. In partnership with Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP), the charity will be providing tarpaulins, rope, and other items so that people can make temporary repairs to damaged buildings that will help keep them watertight and protect them from the weather. Learn more about the crisis here.


Hagar walks the whole journey to recovery with survivors of slavery, human trafficking and other forms of extreme human rights abuse such as physical or sexual violence. They are committed to seeing individuals healed from the trauma of their past and do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to see them healed and thriving in their communities.

    Here are just a few stories of recovery and lives that have been transformed because of Hagar.

    The founders behind Just Peoples believe that real, sustainable change comes about when people are given the resources to lift their own communities out of poverty. Through their network of locally registered grassroots organisations based across Asia, Africa and Mexico, they connect local project leaders with those with the means and passion to bring their solutions to life. See their currently projects here.

    A previous project we have funded is the provision of school lunches to underprivileged kids living in slums in Siem Reap. These kids attend a free school and it will often be the only meal they receive that day.