Introducing the Classic Enamel Mug

A quintessential fireside item, the Classic Enamel Mug has been on our wish list for some time now. These mugs are made with heavy duty steel and hard wearing enamel, providing a satisfying weighty quality. 

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Waxed Canvas

Take a look at our collection of functional and hard-wearing waxed canvas bags and aprons. Waxed canvas first gained popularity in the late 1800s with outdoorsmen waxing tents, jackets and other pieces of kit to add waterproofing qualities. Other than being practical, each piece has its own unique look as it weathers and wears with age.

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Where we would rather be this long weekend

New Zealand is officially two weeks into its nationwide lockdown and it’s exciting to see how well we’re flattening the infamous curve. Gratitude to Jacinda aside, we’re still a little disappointed about losing a long weekend to coronavirus - so much so that we’ve made a list of the places we’d rather be.

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barrytown knifemaking common goods

Knife Making in Barrytown

Thirty years ago, Robyn and Steven Martin chose Barrytown as their home and 15 years later they started offering workshops for people to make their own knives out of a piece of red hot steel

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Common goods cast iron pan

How to season a forged iron pan

Just like a cast iron pan or skillet, a forged iron pan must be seasoned before use. Seasoning an iron pan is absolutely essential as it prevents the pan from rusting and also builds a non-stick surface that will require less oil and makes for much better cooking.

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Timeless goods with a social conscience to inspire the enjoyment of being outdoors.

Based in New Zealand, shipping worldwide, Common Goods aims help people discover the joy of adventure and living slowly; using a good axe, a well-made knife and sleeping under the stars. During some time spent around a campfire we hatched a plan to share a different way of spending time outdoors, certainly nothing new, but perhaps something forgotten.