Our Story

common goods founders

Created through a passion for tradition and a love for adventure, Common Goods aims to combine both. During some time spent around a campfire we hatched a plan to share a different way of spending time outdoors - certainly nothing new but perhaps something forgotten. Our goal is to help people discover the joy of adventure and living slowly; using a good axe, a well-made knife and sleeping under the stars.

Common Goods Company has developed and curated a range of products to encourage the enjoyment of being outdoors.

Using timeless, tried and tested materials, we offer purchases that will wear and only improve with time.

Based in the South Island of New Zealand, we're fortunate to be surrounded by incredible and diverse landscapes. This pristine beauty has been the inspiration in building a brand focused on using natural materials as much as possible and minimising the use of synthetics. Right down to our packaging, we aim to refrain from using plastics, meaning all packaging can be either composted or recycled.

 The Good

From the very outset, we wanted Common Goods to be a business that gave something back. By offering a range of different causes, we want people to not only shop for products that they love but also shop for a cause they believe in. At the same time we aim to create awareness for global causes that people can support directly.

Take a look at the causes we currently support here.