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Founded in 1844 by the Helsper family and originally known as the ‘Helsper Werezeugfabrik’, Helko Werk quickly earned a reputation as a manufacturer of premium quality axes, hatchets and forestry tools. By the early 1900s, they were shipping their axes to America, Asia and all throughout Europe.

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Based in the Rhine Valley in Germany, today they are one of a handful of axe makers producing the Rhineland Valley Axe Head. Part of their traditional range, this versatile axe shape is suitable for splitting, limbing and even carving. Eventually axe makers outside Germany started producing similar shaped axes under a variety of names.

Helko Werk has continued to improve on their axes and added a Classic Collection, building on their reputation worldwide as producers of some of the finest quality axes available, putting them on par with renowned Swedish axe makers like Wetterlings and Gransfors Bruks.


All of the Helko Werk axe heads are open face drop forged using high grade German C50 Carbon Steel. When drop forging, the blacksmith holds the red hot axe head with tongs while repeatedly hammering, a process that requires a high level of skill and coordination. This handmade process ensures a high quality and unique axe.

Helko Werk Axes NZPhoto Credit: Helko Werk 

After the forging process, the axe heads are hardened and cooled in an oil bath to achieve Rockwell Hardness (HRC) of 53-66. While the cutting edge is hardened, the eye of the head is left unhardened to prevent any cracks in the steel. Tho cooling oil is then removed from the heads before grinding and polishing.

Helko Werk Common Goods NZPhoto Credit: Helko Werk 

The handles are handcrafted in Switzerland using American Hickory. Hickory is an ideal wood for axe handles as it is capable of absorbing shocks and has a good straight grain. Finally, all Helko Werk axes are shipped out with American made natural leather sheaths.


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