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Totara flat campsite

18 Sep, 2018

The Very Best DOC Campsites in the South Island

Living in New Zealand, we’re incredibly fortunate to have somewhere with such varied and spectacular landscapes to call home. However, the New Zealand Department of Conservation (DOC) takes things further by providing hundreds of very affordable campsites in perfect locations throughout the country. 
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Campfire cooking Common Goods

13 Sep, 2018

Choosing Better Campfire Cooking Sticks

It’s no secret that we love campfire cooking and it's often the highlight of our adventure. However, it’s not just the deliciously crispy outer and smokey flavour of food cooked over the flames, it’s the process that we enjoy more than anything.
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Common Goods Mountains

17 Aug, 2018

Father's Day Gift Guide - What to get the outdoorsman

Fathers day is just around the corner and some will be starting to panic. What to get to get for dad to make up for all the for all the trouble you've caused him. Thankfully we've put together a list of some of our favourites for 2018, particularly for those fathers who would just rather be outside.
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how to Season a cast iron pan

16 Aug, 2018

How to Season a Forged Iron Pan

Just like a cast iron pan or skillet, a forged iron pan must be seasoned before use. Seasoning an iron pan is absolutely essential, it prevents the pan from rusting and also builds a nonstick surface that will require less oil and makes for much better cooking.

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Common Goods lunch bag

07 Aug, 2018

Why Waxed Canvas

We field a lot of questions about waxed canvas and why we’re so keen on it. Sure we may be a little biased but there are many reasons why it's our material of choice.
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Finding those perfect secluded camp spots

21 Jul, 2018

Finding those perfect secluded camp spots

For us the enjoyment of camping depends entirely on finding the right spot - though often a challenging task, it is certainly worth the extra effort. While we’re not going share our secret spots with you, we will tell you how to find your own.
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Campfire Beer Damper on a Stick

17 Jul, 2018

Campfire Beer Damper on a Stick

Being big fans of campfire cooking, we were determined to once and for all work out the ultimate campfire damper recipe. After a multitude of campfires and meals cooked on sticks, we feel that we’ve finally earned the right to be a little discerning about how we like our damper.

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