Fabric Wax Bar Instructions

Applying waterproofing wax to fabric is a fairly straight forward project. It not only protects and waterproofs your fabric but also develops a great vintage look that keeps improving the more you use it. Our fabric wax bars can be used on almost all fabrics, though being a natural product it is best suited to natural fibres like cotton and hemp.

One of our fabric wax bars will be enough for hats, bags or aprons. However for larger projects like jackets or pants, you may need multiple bars.

To apply the fabric wax you just need an iron, hair dryer or heat gun. 

  • Before you get started, make sure that your fabric is clean and completely dry. Then take the wax bar and rub it back and forth on the fabric. The friction will soften the wax bar and allow it to transfer. Apply the wax evenly over the whole piece and pay extra attention to seams.
  • You can then heat the fabric with an iron on low synthetic setting or hair dryer on the highest setting. If the wax is still white and sticky it hasn't been absorbed correctly and won't be waterproof - this will require more heating.
  • You can then allow the garment to dry for about 24 to 72 hours in a warm and dry place before use. The heavier the coating of wax, the longer it will take to cure.

Depending on how much the item is used, we recommend reapplying wax roughly once a year. After applying wax to fabric, you should no longer put it in the washing machine as this will remove the wax. Instead just use a dry brush when possible or remove marks with a damp cloth.