Helko Werk Pathfinder Hatchet

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The Pathfinder Hatchet is perfect when you're out on adventures. It's also small and versatile enough to make it an essential part of your pack.

Made by Helko Werk in the Rhine Valley in Germany, these classic axes are a culmination of more than 150 years of axe making experience. Every axe in the classic range is ground, buffed and polished to create a great looking and extremely functional axe. The hatchets are completed with a hand made American Hickory handle that has been finished with boiled linseed oil.

Each hatchet ships out with a quality American made leather sheath.

  • Head Weight: 700g
  • Gross Weight: 850g
  • Handle Length: 38cm

The Good

For every Hatchet purchase $4 will be donated to Lihle through Just Peoples.

Lihle, a local woman from the tribal village of Kwa Shange in South Africa, has a big heart and a big vision. In Lihle’s village there are increasing numbers of orphaned and vulnerable children due to a high prevalence of HIV/Aids. At the same time many children die before the age of 2, so there is an urgent need for improved maternal healthcare. In 2006 Lihle set up education and maternity health programmes to address these two key issues her community faces and break the cycle of poverty. 

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