Waxed Canvas Tote Bag

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Made with heavy 16oz waxed canvas and vintage leather straps, our Waxed Canvas Tote is a simple and stylish everyday bag. 

The waxed canvas and leather will both crease and wear with age which ensures that every bag is completely unique. 


Waxed canvas is a great material designed to wear and develop its own unique patina. If you ever need to clean your waxed canvas, it's best to do it right.

  • When possible, brush away dirt or marks with a dry brush.
  • Wipe away marks or stains with a damp cloth (the less water the better).
  • Markings caused by water penetration can generally be ironed out.
  • Treat our waxed canvas with care. Avoid leaving them in hot cars as the wax on the canvas can melt.
  • Treat our waxed canvas with a little care. Avoid extreme temperatures like hot cars, as the wax on the canvas can melt.

The Good

For every Tote Bag purchase, we donate 5% to a charity of your choice. You'll be asked to select a cause that aligns with you upon checkout. These are organisations we have partnered with as we are passionate about their cause and impact. With your help, we can help their work go that little bit further.

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