A Christmas Gift Guide for the Adventurous

A Christmas Gift Guide for the Adventurous


With a focus on buying less but better, we've put together a guide for gifts with long lasting quality. Naturally, we've sought out our favourite items that make life better while out at camp, but we also included a few great gifts for around the home.

1. Common Goods Waxed Canvas Workshop Apron

Waist Apron NZ

The Waxed Canvas Workshop Apron is an asset and a good incentive to get around to those weekend projects in the shed. These hard wearing aprons are made from heavy duty 16oz waxed canvas and feature adjustable leather straps.

Available here - $118

2. Turk Forged Iron Frying Pan

Turk Forged Iron Pan

These Turk Forged Iron Frying Pans are perfect for professional home chefs and also strong enough to survive on the camp fire, making them ideal for those with an appreciation for superior quality. Made in Germany, these pans are sure to last many generations and only improve with use.

Available here - $78

3. Sonder Leather Driving Wallet

Leather Wallet NZPhoto: Sonder Leather

Each Sonder Leather wallet is hand crafted and personalised here in Christchurch. Made from sustainable kangaroo leather and designed to last a lifetime, these leather wallets are great for people that enjoy things made the old way - with respect, attention to detail and dedication to the craft.

Available from Sonder Leather - $149

4. Stanley Classic Coffee Press

Stanley Coffee PressPhoto: Stanley

One of the world's true adventure icons, Stanley has made it possible to have a good coffee wherever you are. Unlike most presses that leave you with a cold coffee after a few minutes, Stanley products have double vacuum wall insulation to make sure you can have your coffee piping hot throughout your day.

Available from The Paper Plane Store - $149

5. Common Goods Waxed Canvas Market Bag

Market Bag NZ

Made from extremely strong 16oz waxed canvas, these market bags are made to hold it all. A throwback to the classic brown paper grocery bag which has been redesigned to last a lifetime, the market bag is great for cutting down on plastic shopping bags or hauling a stack of books back from the library.

Available here - $68

6. Give'r Wax Coated Work Gloves

Leather Work Gloves NZPhoto: Give'r Gloves

Designed to withstand it all, the Give'r Four Season Work Gloves are the ultimate work gloves. Made from water proof heavy duty leather, these gloves are the perfect hint for somebody to get started on all those outdoor jobs.

Available from Huckberry - $114 (USD)

7. Feuerhand German Made Storm Lantern

Storm lantern Common Goods

Made in Germany for over 100 years and one of the world's most iconic lanterns, Feuerhand Lanterns provide a warm bright light for over 20 hours per tank. One of these lanterns goes a long way to making the perfect camping trip. With heavy duty construction and break resistant glass, it's a gift that's sure to last.

Available here - $68

8. Wild Fennel Meat and Fish Seasoning Packs

Wild Fennel meat SeasoningPhoto: Wild Fennel Co.

While we're straying from the long lasting theme here, these seasoning packs definitely meet the requirements for quality. Whether they are dedicated to their barbecue, or a fan of campfire cooking, these variety packs are sure to please. Designed to be versatile, simple to use, and full of flavour, their seasonings will enhance any meal.

Available from Wild Fennel - $25.95

9. Common Goods Waxed Canvas Firewood Carrier

Firewood Carrier NZ

Made from heavy duty waxed cotton canvas, the Common Goods Log Carrier is great for hauling firewood for the fire at home or when out at camp. With vintage leather straps and a pocket for accessories, its simple design makes loading and unloading very easy. End the constant struggle to decide who's turn it is to get more firewood.

Available here - $128

10. Common Goods Waxed Canvas Dopp Kit

Dopp Kit NZ

Originally used by soldiers in the second world war, dopp kits are more than just a toiletry bag. It's ideal for holding all your essentials, whether it is cables, fire start gear or medical kit. Using 16oz waxed canvas, leather and 100% cotton lining, this is a product that's made to last. 

Available here - $68


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