Feuerhand Storm Lantern - Zinc

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Made in Germany for more than 100 years, the Feuerhand hurricane lanterns are solid and built to last. When out camping, the warm glow of a lantern is key to setting the mood with a warm light.

Designed with break-resistant glass and galvanised steel to prevent corrosion, these lanterns are made to be handed down to future generations. A single fill can provide up to 20 hours of light.

Available in Black and Red.


Keep the wick trimmed with a straight edge to ensure an even clean flame. To clean the lens first ensure the lantern is cool to the touch. Gently pull up the the top cap of lantern and you will notice the top part of the lantern pull away from the glass lens. The lens can then be rocked out to one side allowing access with to wipe out with a soft cloth or tissue.

The Good

For every Storm Lantern purchase, we donate 5% to a charity of your choice. You'll be asked to select a cause that aligns with you upon checkout. These are organisations we have partnered with as we are passionate about their cause and impact. With your help, we can help their work go that little bit further. 

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