Tech Multi-Tool

$78.00 $55.00
or 6 payments of $9.16 Laybuy

or 4 payments of $13.75  

For those who don't want to be left unequipped, the tech multi-tool with black aluminium casing comes with 12 key functions.

  • 12 functions including: universal pliers,  cutting pliers, knife, can opener, mini-blade, bottle opener, saw, scissors, file, Philips head screwdrivers, 2 sizes of flat head screwdriver.
  • Weight: 277 grams
  • Size: 10.5 x 4.1 x 2 cm

The Good

For every multi-tool purchase $3 will be donated to Lihle through Just Peoples.

Lihle, a local woman from the tribal village of Kwa Shange in South Africa, has a big heart and a big vision. In Lihle’s village there are increasing numbers of orphaned and vulnerable children due to a high prevalence of HIV/Aids. At the same time many children die before the age of 2, so there is an urgent need for improved maternal healthcare. In 2006 Lihle set up education and maternity health programmes to address these two key issues her community faces and break the cycle of poverty. 

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